Limitless Program

The new economy is a challenging place.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, economic warfare, and a rapidly evolving socio-political environment has brought a great deal of uncertainty for professionals. Degrees such as engineering, law, medicine, and the hallowed MBA which in the past were a guarantee of professional growth and financial success are no longer delivering results.

To survive in the new economy, you need not just knowledge, but a completely new set habits and attributes to succeed. This is what the limitless program promises.

This rich and practical program will cover transformational subjects such as

  • the Growth mindset
  • critical thinking
  • active listening
  • transactional and non-transactional relationships
  • integrity
  • image management

Wherever you are in your life or career, the Limitless Program will introduce you to habits and behaviours that will help you thrive in the professional sphere.

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